About Us

The purpose of Cross Currents International Ministries is…

To explain and expound on the Scripture in such a way, with God’s enabling, that we will bear witness to lay people and church leaders alike, as to the sufficiency, vitality and the authority of the Word of God.

To fearlessly apply the Word of God to the contemporary scene and thus prepare the way for the cleansing and renewal of Christians as we look for the return of the Lord in power and glory.

To encourage men and women the world around to pray for the intervention of God as ‘we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places’.

To emphasize the victory and the sole sufficiency of our Lord Jesus Christ made real and personal by the Holy Spirit as God’s provision for Christian living.

To make such ministry available on a regular basis the world around, particularly where there is a lack of Christian and Church privilege.

To unite with and undergird the testimony of all who share such goals and to see others converted to Jesus Christ by acknowledging Him as Lord.