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Pastor Richard A. Bennett

The professional career of Pastor Richard A. Bennett commenced as a City Planner in England. While he was studying and training for this position, Richard encountered the risen Lord Jesus Christ in a life-transforming way. Immediately he became actively and enthusiastically involved in sharing the good news of the Gospel. This included extensive personal witness; organizing town-wide evangelistic rallies and campaigns; open air evangelism and hospital visitation. At the same time, Richard preached in many churches in his home town and throughout the surrounding areas. Many such churches were not biblically oriented. However, by His grace, God drew both young and old to Himself. To establish young converts in their Christian life, Richard became involved in initiating and leading an interdenominational Bible study. This, in turn, provided a spring-board for further evangelistic endeavors and among many other blessings a closed village church was permanently re-opened!

Upon completion of Richard’s "Articles" as preliminary qualification for Civil Engineering, he was appointed to the staff of the Norfolk Country Council Planning Office. However, though his position was rewarding and secure (England was in the process of reconstruction following the bombings of World War II) at the prompting of the Lord, Richard resigned his position to pursue further biblical studies in the USA.

Immediately upon arrival in America, Richard accepted an invitation to become Pastor of a church in Rhode Island. While pastoring the church, he became a full-time student at the College which later led to his being asked to represent the College throughout the USA and in Eastern Canada in extension ministry. Upon graduation, Richard accepted the invitation to pastor, with his father-in-Christ, Stephen F. Olford, at the well-known Duke Street Baptist church, London, England. These were very happy days of fellowship in Christ both in the Church and in extensive outreaches.

In 1958 Richard married Dorothy Hayward who held a senior nursing position in a British hospital. Together they were publically commissioned from Duke Street Church and likewise at a later date from Calvary Baptist Church in New York City into a world-wide ministry which still continues through Cross Currents International Ministries.

Richard was publically ordained as a minister of the Gospel by an interdenominational examining board of well-known evangelical ministers from the New York/New Jersey area. In 1971, in recognition of Richard’s insights and biblical studies which he shared for three successful years with pastors, he was conferred a Doctor of Divinity Degree. Later, after ministering to the students at Maryland Bible College and Seminary in Baltimore he was further honored with a second Doctor of Divinity Degree.

Dorothy Bennett

Dorothy Bennett was born in Oxford, England. She trained as a nurse, and with several post graduate degrees, held senior administrative positions in both hospitals and psychiatric institutions.

In the course of her training she came to know the Lord Jesus in a personal and life transforming way. With a hunger to know God’s Word, she attended Bible College in Europe. In 1958 she married Dr. Richard A. Bennett at a well-known London Church where he was a Pastor.

From this church in England, and later from a church in Manhattan, New York City, both Richard and Dorothy were commissioned to serve the Lord in a world-wide ministry. Accordingly, they have ministered together for many years in a united Christ-exalting ministry to Churches, at Conferences and missionary Conventions and to nationals and missionaries working in various countries as well as to students in many Bible Colleges.

At Richard’s side, but in her own right, Dorothy exercises an effective ministry to women and is also the International Administrator of Cross Current International Ministries a non-profit missionary outreach. Dorothy’s ministry of the Word of God to ladies, and her extensive biblical counseling ministry has been a vital adjunct to her husband’s ministry. For twenty years they broadcast over high-powered missionary radio to five continents.

Presently, Dorothy broadcasts a 6-minute daily “Daily Devotional” to ladies in Africa and elsewhere from Trans World Radio via Satellite, Short Wave and Medium Wave. Currently, these daily devotionals are also being translated and being broadcast in various languages for ladies in the Third World.