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Even though Cross Current International Ministries (CCIM) was not officially established until 1980, in essence CCIM was birthed 22 years earlier at the wedding of Richard and Dorothy Bennett in June of 1958 by Pastor Stephen Olford.

A look back at their 50 plus years of ministry together can certainly be traced to the day they recited their wedding vows and committed themselves together to serving The Lord in full time ministry.

Pastor Olford’s message entitled “Together in Love, Together in Life, Together in Labor” in retrospect was truly a confirmation of God’s call on their lives to “Preach the Word”. The Bennett’s have remained faithful to that calling for over five decades.


In the early years of their ministry together the Bennett’s:

  • Pioneered home evangelism in connection with Church crusades in the UK.
  • Taught regularly at Capernwray Bible School.
  • Taught at Evangelical Students Missionary Association conferences and Bible school ministries across Europe and behind the Iron Curtain.
  • Ministry over Trans World Radio commenced.
  • Missionary Radio Incorporation (MRI) was incorporated in the state of New Jersey, November 17th 1969.


  • Missionary Radio Incorporated carries the Bennett’s ministry of the Word to people on five continents via missionary radio broadcasts.
  • Missionaries, national pastors and laymen wrote for spiritual help and request follow-up literature. In one twelve month period 5000 inquiries from 47 different countries were personally answered from one weekly broadcast.
  • 1978 Richard authors Food for Faith. (formerly known as “Bible Before Breakfast”)
  • Overseas missionary journeys become more frequent and prolonged.
  • Missionary Radio Inc. phases into a more personal overseas ministry and the name is changed to Cross Current International Ministries(CCIM) on November 3rd, 1980.


  • 1983 Richard authors Your Quest for God which to date has been translated and released in 60+ languages.
  • God’s hand of blessing is evident in unprecedented ways as CCIM continues to be used as a catalyst ministry in numerous countries emphasizing the priorities of evangelism, supplicatory prayer, revival, and solid biblical Gospel presentations.


  • Far-flung missionary journeys increase due to the success of the radio ministry. This encouraged national pastors, missionaries and national evangelists. Increasingly, evangelistic tools were given to nationals to undergird their own ministries in India, Africa, the Far East, Europe and the Middle East.
  • Your Quest for God and Food for Faith continues to be widely used and distributed as a major discipleship resource in dozens of countries. Requests for reprints and for translation into new languages of both books continue to pour in on a regular basis. The Bennett’s prayerfully seek God’s direction and, as the Holy Spirit leads, they provide the resources needed to translate, print, and distribute the books into multiple languages
  • Richard writes “Hope for the Hopeless” an AIDS tract. This tract has been translated and distributed in multiple languages and is in high demand not only in Africa but Asia as well.
  • Dorothy’s Daily Devotionals a daily 5 minute devotional by Dorothy is produced and aired in Kenya. Over 650 programs have been produced in English. (note: recently the programs have been translated into Swahili and the Turkana languages for airing in Africa. Great potential exists to translate these inspiring devotionals into other languages for airing on the radio as well as the internet.)
  • Expansion of CCIM broadcasts into Arabic
  • CCIM in cooperation with Trans World Radio launches an innovative ESL (English as a second language) version of Your Quest for God and Food for Faith for use on the internet ministry to China.
  • 2010 CCIM enters the world of the Internet with the development and deployment of its own web-site.
  • Ministry initiative is implemented to begin the process of systematically recording audio versions of Your Quest for God, Food for Faith into various languages for deployment on Linguablast, a digital platform developed by Trans World Radio. In addition, Dorothy’s Daily Devotionals, and other CCIM teachings such as Richard’s sermons will also be uploaded on to the Linguablast platform through the CCIM website.

CCIM’s influence and ministry impact includes churches, educational institutions, and Christian organizations around the world. Below is a partial list of requests and preaching/teaching opportunities that have been afforded to the Bennett’s down through the years.

  • Trans World Radio (Swaziland, South Africa, Monte Carlo, Madison, New Jersey and Cary, North Carolina)
  • Far East Broadcasting (Conference at Arrowhead Springs California for Vietnamese workers and at The Firs Conference Center, Washington)
  • Torchbearers at Capernwray Hall, England as Conference Speaker and Bible School Teacher
  • Prairie Bible Institute: Graduation Speaker and Mission Conferences
  • Briercrest Bible Institute: Graduation Speaker, Mission Conferences and Ministry to Students
  • Pambrum Bible College: Mission Conferences and Ministry to Students
  • Toronto Bible College: Ministry to Students
  • Christian and Missionary Alliance: Ministry to students at Regina Training College and Annual Pastor's Convention
  • Eastern European Mission
  • Greater European Mission
  • German Intermissions
  • Italian Intermissions
  • Torrey Memorial Conferences, Southern California
  • Word of Life Conferences, Schroon Lake, New York
  • Navigator Conferences
  • Campus Crusade at headquarters and elsewhere
  • Inter Varsity Fellowship in various countries
  • "Open Doors with Brother Andrew" at Leadership Conference and elsewhere
  • The Faith Mission (Northern Ireland; Southern Ireland; Scotland)
  • International Hospital Christian Fellowship
  • Evangelische Omroep, (Hilversum, Holland national television and radio ministries)
  • Operation Mobilization
  • Youth with a Mission
  • Christian Resource Management
  • Wycliffe Associates
  • Youth for Christ
  • National Young Life
  • Officers Christian Fellowship (Headquarters, Colorado: West Point; Pearl Harbor; Eglin Air Force Base, N.A.T.O. Headquarters in Europe and many other military bases) 
  • Keswick Ministries (10 South Africa cities; Jamaica; Canada; USA and others) 
  • Revival Challenge (South Africa)
  • Lighthouse for Christ (Mombasa, Kenya)
  • Youth Evangelism Ministry (Mombasa, Kenya) World Reach; Cornerstone of Kenya  
  • The American Mission for opening Churches; Word of Life, USA and UK
  • Ministry to Middle East Christians (Cyprus; Egypt and elsewhere)
  • Also, multiple Bible Colleges and Seminaries in England, Germany, Switzerland etc 
  • Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones: Ministry to his various Pastors Fellowships in Wales, UK
  • Multiple Churches throughout Europe, North America and elsewhere including a Pastorate in Rhode Island and England 

As the Bennett’s complete the journey the Lord has called them to, there is a great sense of urgency that time is short, and that they must do all they can through the leading and empowering of the Holy Spirit to use media to its fullest potential to advance the Gospel. CCIM and TWR recently signed a “Model Agreement” to ensure a lasting legacy is carried on of the work they have invested their lives in should the Lord call them home before His return.